Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Our new TEMPORARY home!

Well our new apartment is very nice and new, but very, very, very, small!!! We had to leave ALOT of our stuff behind because we don't even have half the storage we used to have. I still have boxes I need to send home that I have no room for. On the positive side, we like that the walls are not white, thats a nice change. We have a cute little patio where Treysen loves to go out and stare at the neighbors, until they start smoking, and then we have to come in and close the doors before our whole apartment smells of smoke. It's nice to have all new appliances, except I liked our other dishwasher way better than this one. I guess you can't have it all.

Our Living Room

It doesn't look like it, but our couches are the same color. It must be the flash.

Our Dining Room

The kitchen looks out into the dining room

Our Patio, Treysen's favorite place!

The view from our patio

Our Laundry Closet. Keep in mind we have no storage, so it's over flowing!


  1. Its cute! You did awesome decorating! We will have to come see it in real life! I hope you are enjoying your new home!

  2. It looks small but cozy! Good job working with what you have!

  3. It's not working to comment on blair's blog, but for that betty crocker thing, from my experience, I think boredom is what triggers it. (but I don't know how bored you are!)

  4. Such a cute place! I'm excited for you guys :) Good luck with it all, I'm glad we have blogs to stay in touch!