Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Treysen's one year Dr. appointment!

I took Treysen to the Dr. today for is one year visit. He weighed in at 23lbs. and is 31in. long. The Dr. checked his ears, and to my surprise told me he had an ear infection...What? I had no idea, I felt like a horrible mother. So when I thought about it, it would explain the waking up at night screaming. Oh, I felt awful! Then to add to it Trey had to get 4 shots. He cried like crazy, I wanted to cry myself, and almost did. The nurse gave him a sucker and after a minute he calmed down and enjoyed the sucker. I hate taking Trey to the Dr., he is so dang sweet I hate to see him cry like that. Anyway here are some pictures of his bandaids.

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  1. Don't worry about not noticing the ear infection. Natalie has been throwing these horrible 1/2 hour to hour long fits and I just now realized that she's cutting TWO molars! It just happens sometimes