Thursday, January 14, 2010

Christmas Break!!!

We got to spend all of christmas break in Utah with our families. We had a great 3 weeks. This year christmas was fun with Treysen, he was very spoiled. He loved his dusty vacuum, and Mr. potato head. While we were there we decided to get Trey's hair cut. He had a mullet down his back, so I figured it was time. It was very sad for me, because he wasn't going to be a baby anymore. He aged like 2 yrs with just getting it cut...Crazy! He does look very handsome though. Some days I still miss his hair, but it is easier to keep combed. Anyway, we had a great time in Utah, and it was very sad to go home!

Christmas Morning

This is Dusty

Grandpa Fritz got him this Jazz jersey, it is so cute!

Hair Cut

Sharing his sucker with grandma Wardle

Oh, poor little boy!




  1. He is so cute and yes he looks a ton older now. It made me pretty sad when we cut Coy's hair. *sniff* I still miss it. Glad I found your blog missy! :o) *hugs*

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  3. Well i tried to post a coment, but i spelled treysens name wrong to i deleted it!( I didnt know it would still show up! I had posted Treysen looks so cute with his new hair cut! I really enjoyed seeing you guys while you were here! We miss you already, we will have to come see you!