Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Trey's First Airplane Ride!

This past week we went to Utah for spring break. We always love when we get the chance to go home. Treysen always seems so happy to be there. He loves seeing all of his grandparents and rufus (grandma Wardle's dog) of course. I'm not sure rufus feels the same way, but I think he is slowly warming up to him. While we were there we got the chance to go on an airplane. Blair's old boss, Tom, own's his own airplane and he offered to take us for a ride. Treysen was so excited to get inside. He really enjoyed it at first, but like most little kids he got bored real fast. So the last half of the ride was a little rough, but for the most part he was pretty good. I got a little sick, but we had a good time and I'm glad we got the chance to do it. My cousin Brian's baby girl was born that week, so we got to go and see her. She is a beautiful baby, with a head full of hair. They named her Kayley Mae. Congratulations Brian and Lacey! We also got to go see a movie, which we usually do when we are there because we always have a babysitter. This time my mom watched him for us so we could go and see 'Alice in Wonderland'. I really liked the movie, but I usually love any movie that Johnny Depp is in. ;) We went and ate at JC's with my parents and grandparents. I always love when I get to see my grandma and grandpa. I am glad they took the time to come and eat with us! Other than that we really didn't do a whole lot, but it was nice to just hang out and see Blair for more then just a couple hours a night. Here are some pictures of our adventure in the sky!

What a cute little boy!

This was right before we took off, he was counting to 3.
He loved talking into it, I think he liked hearing his own voice

Blair got to fly the plane for a little bit, he did a great job!

The Freeway

The Spiral Jetty

This is my mom's house (the one with the brown roof)


  1. Hey, I remember that! Good times. It was a fun to spend some time with my beautiful wife and cute little kid.

    By the way, what does Depp have that I don't? I mean, sure, he has dashingly good looks, a successful acting career, lots of money, fame, and a good pirate voice. But besides that?

  2. What a cute little boy. He is getting so big! next time you guys are utah we should plan something!

  3. Heidi - I am a stalker...I found your blog off your facebook page - hope you dont mind me snooping on here! But I must say - I saw Alice in Wonderland over the break too and feel the exact same way about Johnny! I dont care how much makeup he has on or how crazy he acts I will watch anything with him in it! Love the airplane pictures - looks like you had a good break!